Kitchen Trends 2016 (UK)


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Kitchen Trends 2016 (UK)

The Houzz UK Kitchen Trends 2016 Study confirms several of our own observations about the general direction of kitchen design. People are increasingly turning to interior designers to help them fully integrate the kitchen into their home and maximise the potential of this space.

Our clients want a really smart space where they can entertain in comfort, so we find ourselves experimenting with different styles and materials to keep ahead of traditional kitchen trends.

Changing lifestyles mean that more than ever before, people want the kitchen to be a multi-functional space where we not only cook and eat, but work, play and live. It’s special place as the heart of the home is expanding and evolving into a room where the entire family gathers together, and where we increasingly entertain, socialise and work; for a third of respondents the kitchen is the place where kids do homework or they even work themselves. Almost two thirds of us spend more than 3 hours a day in the kitchen.

Not surprisingly, the top activity in the kitchen is cooking and dining. We can’t help wondering if the success of The Great British Bake-off is responsible for the fact that 63 percent of people now list baking as an important activity!

We're demanding more from this important room. However, the top functional priority remains being able to store and find things easily. A pantry cupboard is one of the top built-in requirements and a separate walk in pantry is currently one of the most desirable upgrades, for those who have the option, though once considered old-fashioned its making a big comeback.

The trend for contemporary styling continues, with half of all new kitchens fitting this description. It has to be chic and stylish as well as functional.

Overwhelmingly, the biggest motivation for updating the family kitchen is to change the layout, opening up to other rooms to gain more space. Most people embarking on a kitchen modernisation project want to gain as much of a lifestyle improvement as they possibly can from the changes. The most coveted upgrade is to open up to the garden, often with large slide and fold doors.

With the trend towards more home working and advances in communications technology, it’s perhaps not so surprising that people prefer to work from the most stylish room in the house. With a laptop and a mobile phone one can just as easily sit at the kitchen table, as at a desk in a study or office. And our experience with our own clients has been that increasingly, people are making exactly this choice. 

Who wouldn’t want to settle comfortably into the very heart of their home, admire the wonderful view of the garden and breathe in the aroma of freshly baked bread? It’s a win-win investment.

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