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Paul Lemmon - artist

I've been working with Wimbledon artist Paul Lemmon, trying out a selection of paintings for a very large dining / living / reception room. Paul's paintings are magnificent - deeply textured, rich and vibrant, fun and quirky. I knew they would be perfect for this situation. My clients are very sociable people and entertain a lot - they love Paul's themes of relaxed eating and drinking.  Having seen the paintings in situ they decided to commission a slightly smaller version of "Much too Much" which will make a really dramatic focal point - perfect for this huge space. "Let Them Talk" looks great in the sitting area too.

Much too Much

Let them Talk

Tagged: All Articles / Interior Design Projects

Cambridge Entrance Hall

Today we installed the beautiful Cymbidium lamp in an entrance hall in Cambridge. A limited edition piece, it’s designed and created by Jeremy Cole of New Zealand;  hand sculpted slivers of bone china in the shape of an orchid, within a simple glass vessel, and lit from below to create an ethereal image. Set on the Flute console table (Decorus) and reflected in a plain antiqued glass mirror it looks absolutely stunning, as you can see. A lovely welcome home after a hard day at the office.

Cymbidium Lamp