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Kitchens - Boiling Water Taps

Several manufacturers are now producing these exciting new kitchen appliances; here are some of our favourites.

The Quooker delivers pure filtered water at 100C, from a combined hot & cold kitchen tap. It is highly energy efficient with built-in safety features, and comes in four alternative tap designs. Reasonably priced, it is a popular choice.

The Grohe Red Duo system keeps three litres of filtered kettle-hot water ready for immediate use at all times, available from the same hot & cold water tap, delivering instant refreshment on demand. Its cool touch technology insulates the tap so well you can touch it without any risk at all, which is an important safety feature that parents with small children will find reassuring.

The Franke Minerva has a 4.7 litre tank and provides 100degsC boiling filtered and cold water, as well as the usual mains hot & cold. The filter provides high quality drinking water and also protects the boiler from limescale build-up. It requires minimal maintenance; each filter lasting 6-9 months with its replacement being as easy as changing a lightbulb. 

Form meets function with the sophisticated and innovative Zip Hydro Tap Elite. A simple and stylish design demonstrates how beautifully engineered a Hydro Tap can be. It provides water any way you like it, pure filtered instant boiling, chilled and sparkling. Fabulous!

Quooker Fusion Boiling Water Tap

Grohe Red Boiling Water Tap

Zip Hydrotap All-in-One

Franke Omni Boiling Water Tap

Tagged: All Articles / Interior Design Projects

Bespoke Dining Table

We sometimes design and construct our own furniture, particularly when we need specific proportions or dimensions, or sometimes just because we know exactly how we want it to look. We are lucky to work with a skilled and talented furniture-maker who specialises in traditional wood-turning techniques.

This dining table was designed by Julie and constructed by Jonathan for a large dining room in a lovely period house in Cambridge. The table is constructed in well seasoned English oak, bleached and white oiled for a fairly relaxed and contemporary look. Dimensions are 100 x 3000 x 740cms, so the table seats 10 in absolute comfort. The turned pedestals and feet are generously proportioned so the table is quite imposing. You could say it “owns” the space!

Here are some photos of the finished piece, and also of various points in the construction process.

Dining table bespoke design

Dining table - finished pedestal

Dining table pedestal under construction

Dining table pedestal on the lathe