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Terraced House Update

We’ve made major progress this week on a Cambridge terraced house, where we have already removed walls and a chimney breast and are now building an extension. The final supporting beam has gone in, enabling us to knock through and incorporate the side alley at the back of the house in a spacious kitchen/diner.

Within the next couple of weeks the extension will be completed, new windows and doors installed and work will begin on the finishing process.

Preparing for Steel Beam

Steel Beam

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Re-framing pictures

My clients have some antique book plates that had previously been framed but were looking a bit tired and dated.  These pictures are of tremendous sentimental value as each Scottish landscape or street scene is one they have grown up with; recognised and loved.

We grouped them according to location and had them re-framed by Robinsons of Haslingfield using a variety of antiqued black frames, sized to suit each picture. All the plates are now on conservation board, with conservation mounts and behind UV glass.

A couple of the pictures have a quadruple mount which gives them added depth and interest.  We hung them this morning and they add a really personal touch to this lovely home.

Pictures of Ayr

Cloakroom pictures

Quadruple Mount

Kitchen Design


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Kitchen Design

It always amazes me how varied people are. I’m currently working on two different designs for large kitchen/diners and the needs of the two families could not be more different. This is what makes my job so interesting :)

When designing a kitchen I try to understand the occupants of the house and how they live their lives. I therefore start by asking lots of questions; the answers help me determine how the space should be set out to best address the needs of the people who will be using it daily.

More than any other room in the house, lifestyle affects a kitchen layout. A kitchen should be designed to suit the clients’ specific needs, rather than to fit the shape of the room, or just to look attractive.  

This is particularly important now with the trend to larger open plan kitchen-dining-living arrangements; a large kitchen that is badly planned can be a constant irritant, and not just for the cook.