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Bathroom for a Victorian Cottage

What to do to freshen up a tiny bathroom in a Victorian cottage? It’s used daily by Maisie, aged 7, and by visitors and overnight guests. So it has to be practical and cheerful; fun but not childish.

We’ve decided to install an Aqualisa Hi-Qu digital remote shower over a standard 170cm wide bath, with a fixed clear-glass screen to prevent splashing. Maisie normally enjoys a bath but visitors prefer a shower, and the Aqualisa remote system is very easy for guests to operate. There’s just enough room at the end of the bath for a small shelf on which to store toiletries.

We’re changing the layout slightly and using a space-saving short projection WC and wall hung washbasin to increase the available floor space. The room will be fully tiled except for large mirrors on two adjacent walls. The effect should be quite striking.

We’ve chosen pretty, patterned tiles from the Patisserie range at Fired Earth to create a bit of interest on the floor. We’ll pick up on the blue colour-way with an accent border, blue-painted ceiling and matching blue towels.


Bathroom layout birds-eye view

Mirrors enlarge the space

Bathroom from doorway

Space-saving WC & wall-hung basin

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Custom Made Drinks Cabinets

We love working with new and different materials, so when we were asked for ideas in this lovely Georgian dining room we were keen to do something different. Our clients wanted the room to be interesting, inspiring, rather exotic and elegantly and tastefully opulent.

In a pair of alcoves framing an old range fireplace we built generously sized storage cabinets. We kept the style simple, the flush doors are made from ebonised oak, with hand forged antique bronze bar handles from Haute Deco.

To bring a touch of glamour we manufactured a deep brass countertop which we then hand-distressed and rubbed back to give the gently glowing effect you can see in the photos.

The interior was finished in gloss turquoise lacquer, a wonderful surprise when you open the doors!

Custom made drinks cabinet

Ebonised oak doors & brass countertop

Aged brass countertops

Bronze bar handles

Turquoise interior

Custom made drinks cabinet 2


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Kitchen Design - Kitchen Extension to Thatched Cottage

We're often asked to design a kitchen for an extension that hasn't yet been built. It's always an interesting and an exciting process, both for us and the client.

This kitchen has been designed for a small extension to a grade II listed 17th century thatched cottage. The house is full of period character and charm, with exposed beams, inglenook fireplaces, brick and oak floors, low ceilings and small multi-paned windows.

The existing kitchen is small and rather dark, with limited storage and dining space. Our suggestion was to make the kitchen a sympathetic contrast to the rest of the house, with large windows overlooking the pretty garden. This, combined with velux roof lights, will maximise the available light.

We've deliberately kept the kitchen area compact, using a wide peninsula to link to the extension, which will be used as a bar and dining area. The base units will be matt white with integrated handles and white countertops. The tall larder units and freestanding sideboard will be constructed in walnut, with hand-forged bar handles in light bronze.

We're using a concealed integrated extractor rather than a hood, against a feature wall of copper furnace tiles from Fired Earth. A traditional flagstone floor throughout kitchen and extension will ensure a graceful link to the rest of this period house.

Cupboard and drawer interiors will be a combination of white oak and walnut, with dovetailed joints and our usual attention to detail.

Our client loves the designs and materials proposed. Building work starts soon. Here's a sneak preview of the floor plan and CAD perspectives alongside photos of some of the furniture and light fittings.

Kitchen Extension Floorplan

Kitchen Extension View to Extension

Kitchen Extension Walnut Larder

Furnace Copper Tiles

Salperton Wall Lights

Husk Volcanic Lamp

Copper Pendant Light

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How to Choose an Interior Designer

Good advice from Abigail Owens in an article for Houzz.com



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Kitchen Design - Quality Cabinets

Quality is key to everything we do. We have the experience not only to select appropriate materials, but also to understand how they will perform. When selecting an appropriate timber for kitchen cabinets there are many things to take into consideration, one of which is the grain.

As well as looking for a suitable grain along the face of the board, it’s just as important to pay attention to the end grain. We use quarter sawn timber for the rails on a shaker-style or panelled door, as it gives the doors far greater stability, minimising the risk of warping and movement.

When the grain is perpendicular to the face a piece of wood will be far more stable. If the end grain is parallel to the face or, more usually, in a curve from the shape of the tree, then the piece of wood is more likely to warp as the moisture content of the wood changes. This can lead to the rails in a kitchen door twisting and not lining up correctly. Usually this movement is small but occasionally the displacement stands out and the door will need adjusting or replacing.

Careful selection of timber is one of the ways we try to reduce this as much as possible.

Quarter-sawn Timber



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Interesting & Effective Lighting - Table Lamps

Interesting and effective lighting is an important part of any interior design scheme, as a well lit room will be attractive and inviting.

The best lighting schemes adopt a multi-layered approach for flexible results. We create atmosphere and mood by careful selection and placement of light sources; shadow is as important as light, and reflective surfaces can be used to great effect.

When choosing lamps the most important consideration is the scale and height of the fitting, along with the size and shape of the shade, as this will greatly influence the effect of light and shadow created.

Table lamps are also an excellent way of adding artistic character to a room. Here are just twelve of our current favourites; each one makes an important contribution to the design scheme, in terms of shape, texture, colour or sheer eccentricity!

1960s Ceramic Lamps, Talisman

Tribal Mask Lamp, Tyson

Almeria Table Lamp, Julian Chichester

Giacometti Leaf Lamp, Porta Romana

Stages Lamp, Gareth Devonald Smith

Calabash Lamp, Ecco Trading

Pumpkin Lamp, Porta Romana

Cicero Sage, Heathfield for Zoffany

Cabbage Lamp, Ecco Trading

Doulton Lambeth Faience lamps, Norfolk Decorative Antiques

Bronze Grotto Lamp, Cox London