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Case Study - Cambridge Town House

We were recently approached by the owners of a modern 5 bedroom town house in Cambridge with quite a design challenge!

The Problem:This young professional couple have 3 children under the age of 5, and were struggling with an impractical layout. The house is part of a terraced crescent and as such some of the walls are angled at 45 degrees. The kitchen is at the front of the house, and currently isolated from the living and eating areas as well as the garden.

Naturally this presents a problem when trying to juggle family life; preparing meals, doing the laundry and supervising 3 lively little boys at the same time! But when we discussed the problems this causes we quickly realised they would be common to most home-owners, whether single, couples or families.

The present dining area is too narrow for a standard sized dining table, and the sitting room doesn’t lend itself terribly well to a sociable seating arrangement.

The Solution:Having discussed their needs with our clients we suggested removing most of the internal walls on the ground floor and creating a broken-plan living/kitchen/dining room. To keep clutter hidden and noise levels to a minimum, we created a large and separate utility room to house washing machine and tumble drier, with plenty of extra storage.

The kitchen overlooks a small park and children’s playground at the front of the house, but is now connected via a peninsula unit to a generous dining area with enlarged French doors to the garden beyond. This allows for a very sociable use of the kitchen/dining space. For the next few years there will be a stair-gate between the peninsula and the tall cupboards, keeping toddlers out when necessary.

There will be a solid wall between the kitchen and sitting area, allowing for a cosy retreat in which to read or watch TV that is still open plan to the dining and play areas.

You can see the existing and proposed layouts in the images below, and some perspective drawings of the kitchen, dining and living areas.

The Conclusion:The owners are delighted with the designs and can’t wait for the transformation to take place.

Proposed Layout:

 Proposed Layout

Proposed Dining Area

 Proposed Dining/Kitchen Area

Proposed Kitchen Area

Proposed Kitchen/Lounge

Proposed Lounge Area

Existing Layout:

Existing Layout