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Getting a Grip on Things...
Much as we pride ourselves on the quality of our bespoke cabinetry, the careful selection of a well-designed handle can hugely influence the appearance of a piece of furniture. 
Copper is making a fantastic come-back in the kitchen, and it looks particularly fantastic when paired with the cool white or grey tones of marble or against deep, dark colours like forest green or indigo. Lots of companies are now producing knob and pull handles in a variety of finishes, from polished bright to dull and aged copper. 
Similarly, we’ve been using bronze and antiqued brass against naturally dark or ebonised woods to great effect. There’s something particularly satisfying about the combination of a contemporary cupboard style against the pitted rustic charm of handles in these materials. 
And for a very effective low cost solution you can’t beat forged steel pull handles - there’s a simple honesty about them that works extremely well even in a contemporary setting.  
We’ve recently chosen some mother of pearl and nickel handles for a black lacquered vanity unit.  Cut glass knobs are also brilliant at catching the light and adding sophistication and a little drama to cabinets in a dressing room or bathroom. 
Polished nickel or chrome is eye-catching and brings an element of glamour to any situation. People worry that they will show all the fingerprints, but we’ve never found this to be a problem. 
Here are some of our current favourites: 
Copper handles and pulls
Bin cabinet pulls in dark bronze
Polished chrome cup handle
Cut glass catches the light
Inlaid semi-precious bar handles
Antique brass segment handles
Rustic forged bar pulls
Complementary bar and knob handles
Antique brass recessed pull handles
Chunky contemporary light bronze knobs
Polished nickel cabinet latch
Rustic brass pull handles